Member Bill of Rights

All members of the GEU in good standing* are afforded the following rights:

  1. The right to the full benefits of union membership, collective bargaining, and union support without regard for bias or fear of discrimination of any kind.
  2. The right to file grievances against the University for matters pertaining to their job and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  3. Weingarten rights which include the right to union advising and support during investigations and disciplinary matters
  4. The right to their full voice and opinions regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement and GEU operations through voting and and involvement in union operations.
  5. The right to self-organize for collective, member-driven action.
  6. The right to serve on any GEU committee (besides removal due to continued absences and decisions made as a result of internal review).
  7. The right to appeal decisions made by the Executive Board or a committee according to the internal review process.
  8. The right to run for any officer position within GEU.
  9. The right to create petitions and referenda for the GEU membership and Constitution.
  10. The right to copies of this Constitution and Bylaws upon request of the Vice President of Operations.

*Members are in good standing if they have paid dues and have not lost good standing as result of an internal review.