Officer Elections Spring 2018

GEU settled its first contract in February 2018. But the work isn’t over! GEU will now be holding officer elections in Spring 2018. GEU officers will help shape the culture of our union moving forward and continue to help fight for increased rights for GAs at PSU. Here are all the details you need to know to run for a position or vote in the election. For complete details, you can also check out GEU’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Election timeline and details:

  • April 3 – Nominations open. Members may nominate themselves or others for multiple positions (a member nominated by another member will be contacted with the opportunity to accept or decline the nomination). If nominating yourself or another member for multiple positions, the desired positions should be ranked in order of preference (1 being the most preferred position). SEND YOUR NOMINATIONS TO: Nominees may provide a written statement to be included in information disseminated to voters.
  • April 18 – Spring General Membership Meeting. Nominees will have the opportunity to speak in front of the membership and distribute voter information.
  • May 3 – Nominations close and elections opens. Elections will be conducted online using the online elections platform Electionrunner. We will use ranked choice voting for all officer positions. See Section section 21.2 of C & B for more details about the mechanics of ranked choice voting with candidates running for multiple positions.
  • May 8 – Elections close.

Who can run: All members in good standing who will still be a Regular Member or Associate Member one year from the time they take offices can run for office. All members are currently considered to be “in good standing”, as there has yet to be any chance of delinquency in dues payment.

Length of term: Term of office is one year, and elected candidates take office on July 1st, or when election results are made public, whichever is sooner. No member may serve on the Executive Board for more than four (4) calendar years in total and must be re-elected annually. Must maintain good standing.

Officer removal:

Any officer, steward, or individual member may be subject to internal review with specific cause which is recognized as misconduct, including but not limited to failure to perform duties as provided in the Constitution and Bylaws, violation of the Constitution and Bylaws, or participation in illegal or inappropriate acts while undertaking duties assigned by or performed for GEU. Internal review may result in removal from officer position.

Position descriptions:

All officers shall be elected to their positions, as outlined in Article 20 of the Constitution and Bylaws. Officers help to carry out the most important functions of the Union. Officers in committee chair roles are formally responsible for ensuring that the functions of that committee are being carried out. However, duties and tasks within the committees shall be shared. Officers in committee chair roles will serve as the official representative of their respective committee in Executive Board functions and in appeal hearings, but may delegate stand-ins as needed or appropriate. All officers must read and understand the GEU Constitution and Bylaws before taking office.


  • Preside over all GMMs and all meetings of the Executive Board
  • Make reports to membership on the status of the union and major happenings and decisions of the executive board, at a GMM if practicable, and otherwise via email (especially regarding time-sensitive matters), or through the communications committee, if appropriate.
  • Ex-officio member of all GEU committees
  • Co-signatory with treasurer on all investments and accounts controlled by GEU
  • Represent the GEU in an official capacity at university and community events
  • In the case of emergency, the president will have authority to act on behalf of the GEU. The general membership will be notified within forty-eight (48) hours.
  • First point of contact for internal review, shall lead all internal review process unless they are the member under review
  • Serve as a backup and/or provide support for Grievance Officers, Stewards, and the VP for Organizing in grievance proceedings

Vice President for Organizing (Chief Steward)

  • Responsible for coordinating and overseeing GEU membership recruitment and organizing membership campaigns
  • Preside over meetings of the Steward Council as chair
  • Represent the concerns of the Steward Council to the Executive Board
  • Carry out the duties of the president in the case of absence or vacancy
  • Work with the Grievance Officer to educate Stewards on our contract and coordinate steward investigations of contract compliance
  • Chair the Contract Action Team

Grievance Officer

  • Serve as the main point of contact for all GEU member grievances and inquiries related to potential grievances or contract interpretation, other than those related to issues of equity and inclusion
  • Responsible for forming and chairing the Grievance Committee
  • Responsible for documenting, tracking and managing existing grievances, delegate tasks for specific grievances to authorized and appropriate stewards and officers and verify that delegates carry out the tasks
  • Coordinate contract interpretation with the VPs of Organizing and Bargaining to ensure clarity in the handling of each individual grievance; keep records of potential contract problems which may require changes to be made in the contract language in the next negotiating sessions
  • Communicate any concerns about the grievance process to the Executive Board
  • Oversee contract compliance education by coordinating research, ensuring that member surveys gather adequate data on compliance, working with the Chief Steward on steward contract education and contract compliance investigation.
  • To be responsible, in conjunction with the President, for originating, reviewing, or editing all correspondence with the University or its agents in connection with all grievances
  • to accompany the President in meetings regarding the administration of the contract

Vice President for Collective Bargaining

  • Responsible for leading the bargaining process
  • Chair of the Bargaining Team
  • When bargaining is not ongoing, chair the Labor Management Committee; When bargaining is ongoing, the VP of Collective Bargaining may designate a representative to chair the Labor Management Committee
  • Arrange for an in-person attendee to take notes at each bargaining session
  • Oversee the Monitoring, investigation, and research on relevant issues for subsequent bargaining sessions, in coordination with other members of the bargaining team
  • Communicate with outside resources for bargaining, if necessary, including cooperation with AFT and other union affiliates
  • Represent concerns related to bargaining and the Bargaining Team to the Executive Board
  • Provide updates on bargaining proceedings to the general membership in cooperation with other Bargaining Team members and the Communications Committee
  • Serve as a backup and/or provide support for Grievance Officers and Stewards in contract interpretation and grievance proceedings

Vice President for Communications

  • Serve as chair of the Communications Committee
  • Lead coordination of GEU internal and external outreach efforts, to facilitate timely and coherent communications to members
  • Manage and approve (and delegate approval of) official external communications (e.g. press releases, media statements, official reactions/statements) to ensure that they are consistent with GEU messaging and comply with GEU communication policies/priorities, except in the case of urgent communications and bargaining updates from the President or VP of Collective Bargaining.
  • Serve as the “voice” of GEU, acting as official spokesperson and being the main contact for official communications

Vice President for Equity and Inclusion

  • Work with the Executive Board, committees, stewards, and the general membership to foster a culture of respect and inclusion for all members of the GEU community, and represent the concerns of underrepresented members of the Bargaining Unit
  • Serve as chair of the Equity Committee and oversee implementation of its recommendations and activities
  • Encourage and recruit members from a wide range of backgrounds and identities to run for GEU officer positions, occupy stewardship positions, and serve on committees
  • Promote understanding of the intersection of issues of diversity and inclusion as related to GEU policies, procedures, and politics, and create opportunities for learning about all member identities
  • Represent any equity concerns of and to the general membership and Executive Board, and work with Equity and Inclusion Committee to offer concrete recommendations for changes to \ GEU culture, policies, procedures, etc.
  • In conjunction with the Equity Committee, oversee handling of grievances related to issues of equity and inclusion as they arise, and encourage members to come forward with equity-related grievances
  • Offer support and/or resources for members to work with faculty and staff to expand cultural competencies within departments and within the wider PSU community

Vice President for Social Engagement

  • Spearhead the efforts of the Social Engagement Committee to organize and coordinate GEU social gatherings and events
  • Facilitate collaboration with the Communications Committee to inform the membership of relevant community, campus and GEU events.
  • Organize at least three (3) General Membership Meetings throughout the year
  • Serve as the gauge of member morale to the Executive Board, and offer suggestions for how to continually foster a spirit of camaraderie and group cohesion within all GEU events


  • Serve as co-signatory with the President
  • Keep GEU financial records secure, accurate, and up-to-date
  • Make quarterly reports on the budget to the membership and the Executive Board
  • Communicate with committee chairs regarding their respective budgets
  • Responsible for the proper receipt and disbursement of all GEU funds and tracking of all purchases and reimbursements
  • Track the receipt of dues and notify members who are delinquent in the payment of dues
  • Ensure the payment of per capita dues to affiliates listed in Section 1.2 in keeping with the qualifications for these payments in Section 1.4 and the contents of Article 18, and coordinate the pooling of GEU funds for other forms of payment or donation

Vice President of Operations

  • Keep minutes at all Executive Board meetings, General Membership Meetings, and Appeals hearings or arrange for another in-person attendee to do so
  • Issue notices and handle correspondence at the direction of the President
  • Keep accurate membership record
  • Custodian of GEU seal, charter, and constitution and bylaws
  • Maintain an up-to-date membership database, track and record other GEU data (including survey response data)
  • Ensure that all GEU paperwork is up-to-date
  • Assemble the Voting Committee (see Section 21.4) when necessary

Vice President of Politics

  • Chair the Political Action Committee
  • Coordinate efforts to encourage positive political participation of the membership and coordinate member political education
  • Serve as point of contact for endorsement requests and coordinate the endorsement process with the Political Action Committee as described in Article 16
  • Make recommendations to Executive Board when political action is advisable and keep Executive Board apprised of political developments relevant to GEU
  • Coordinate the Political Action Committee’s monitoring and research of local, state, and federal-level political and legal developments relevant to GEU, higher education, and labor rights in general
  • Serve as the designated representative of GEU in local political matters, for example testifying at legislative hearings, attending roundtables, etc., and participate in or organize lobby days, and otherwise be involved with other forms of local and state-level political action
  • Coordinate with other locals, including PSU-AAUP, PSUFA, SEIU, GTFF, and CGE