Know Your Rights

Things you have a right to know

  • What your expected duties in your position will be
  • How you can do your job safely
  • What you are expected to do to prepare
  • How many hours you can expect to work each week and month
  • What your salary, tuition remission, fees, and other benefits will be
  • How long you can expect to be employed

When feasible, you have a right to know the above at least 4 weeks before the term for a full academic year assignment or 2 weeks before the term for single term assignments.

You are only required to work the hours that you are paid to work which includes meetings, preparation, office hours, grading, required training, class attendance, and all tasks related to fulfilling your duties.

You have the right to request a meeting with your supervisor to negotiate ways to make sure your work doesn’t exceed your hours.

You are protected from retaliation if you speak with your supervisor about your work.

You are protected from discipline or discharge without just cause. You have the right to be accompanied by a GEU representative in investigatory reviews.

You have the right to access GEU grievance and arbitration processes to resolve violations, misapplications, or misinterpretations of the contract.

If you feel your rights have been violated or you’re concerned they may be violated in the future please reach out to us! Everyone, yes that includes you, deserves all of their rights defended!