GEU Executive Board Elections 2020

Here you’ll find some brief information about each of the positions up for election this May. These are simple outlines that emphasize some of the key tasks of each role, but flexibility within each position is allowed (and encouraged!) Check out our About Us for information about the current position holders and their contact information if you wish to inquire more about the duties of each position. If you are interested in running for a position or nominating a friend, e-mail

The GEU President is the macro-level strategist and public-facing leader of the Executive Board. Duties include large-scale objective setting while pinpointing specific internal needs of our union. The President maintains relationships with leaders of our sister and parent unions at PSU and in Oregon and represents GEU to the various PSU admin officials. This position is perfect for a passionate multitasker with visions of a strong union future, leadership skills, and the ability to communicate with a wide number of audiences. Previous experience on the Executive Board is recommended.
Vice President of Organizing
The VP of Organizing leads efforts to bring in more members, recruits stewards and chairs the Stewards Council, a collection of individuals from each department who can bring their specific issues to the Executive Board as well as disseminate current GEU goals and communications back to their department. This position is perfect for someone who wants to build strong union power, connect new GA’s into our union, and provide the training to our members necessary for a robust membership.  Previous experience as a GEU steward or activist is recommended.
Grievance Officer
The Grievance Officer is our members main support provider in times of need. This position hears out all member issues to determine if our contract is being violated and takes the necessary action to ameliorate the issue. This position is for those passionate about justice, standing up for worker rights, and getting into the nitty-gritty of the GEU contract. Previous experience is not required, but a willingness to study the GEU contract closely is necessary.
Vice President of Operations
The VP of Operations provides the detail-oriented organizational support necessary to keep GEU afloat. Duties include maintaining the membership database, coordinating meeting minutes and scheduling, and maintaining the GEU constitution, contract, and seal. Works closely with the Treasurer to ensure that the lights stay on in all GEU facilities and heads the voting committee to ensure fair and democratic processes are honored in elections. This position is perfect for the organized individual who can identify problems and solutions that others might easily overlook.  No previous GEU experience required, though some upfront training is necessary and will be provided. 
Vice President for Communications:
The VP of Communications strategizes and executes union communications, both internal (such as newsletter and bargaining updates) and external (communications with media, social media, GEU’s website). They work closely with all other positions, especially the VPs of Social Engagement and External Relations. This is a position for individuals who can communicate in a variety of different tones and condense important information about union ongoings and meetings into concise messaging.  It’s also a unique opportunity for someone with an eye for design (flyers, anyone?) and a love of tweeting and ‘gramming. This is a great position for someone new to GEU.
The GEU Treasurer is our numbers-oriented finance operator. Duties include performing internal audits, tracking spending and budgets, and keeping GEU financial records safe and secure.  The Treasurer also works with other Executive Board members and committees to cost out campaigns, strategies, and events, and bring our ideas to life! Some amount of experience with GEU, or an accounting-related field, is recommended, although training will be provided.
Vice President of Politics
The Vice President of Politics represents GEU in political matters locally and statewide and provides recommendations regarding union endorsements of candidates and bills. Our current VP of Politics recently traveled to the American Federation of Teacher’s National Western Region Conference to add GEU’s voice to the conversation surrounding union endorsements and other political issues. This position is for the individual hooked on local politics and driven to integrate our union goals with the larger political picture in Oregon. This is a great position for someone new to GEU but familiar or interested in local politics. 
Vice President for External Relations
The VP of External Relations serves as the lead on building relationships with unions both including and outside of our direct union family (the American Federation of Teachers and the American Association of University Professors). This position works closely with the VP for Communications to develop strategies to strengthen local solidarity. This role is best filled by someone who believes labor strength extends beyond the borders of campus and can communicate professionally and reliably.  This is a great position for someone who is new to GEU.

Vice President for Collective Bargaining

The Vice President of Collective Bargaining serves as the team lead for all bargaining processes. This includes identifying bargaining priorities, arranging in person meetings, assigning tasks to the Bargaining Committee and overseeing general bargaining research. They will also work closely with AFT representatives and members of bargaining committees from other unions to strategize effective approaches. This position is perfect for someone who wants to be at the center of contract negotiations and is passionate about attaining for our members the best deal possible. This position requires deep knowledge of the GEU contract and experience with GEU. We recommend individuals serve on the Labor Management Committee (in non-bargaining years) or the Negotiations Committee/Bargaining Team (in bargaining years) before running for this position. 

Vice President of Social Engagement
The VP of Social Engagement plans and executes GEU social outreach events, including the General Membership Meetings (GMMs) as well as smaller, more intimate events. Our current VP of Social Engagement has adapted to remote engagement via Zoom workout, hangout and cookout events (and more!). This position is for the flexible party-planner who strives to foster an inclusive and fun culture and bring love of GEU to our members! They work closely with VPs of Communications, Organizing and External Relations. This is a great position for someone who is new to GEU.

Vice President of Membership
The Vice President for Membership focuses on bringing new members into our union, particularly during graduate employee orientations at the beginning of the academic year. The VP for Membership also helps to increase outreach and steward presence in small or underrepresented departments and helps maintain the database of union membership alongside Operations. They work closely with Organizing and co-chair the Steward Council. This is a great position for someone new to GEU or for stewards and activists looking to increase their involvement. 
Vice President for Equity and Inclusion
The VP for Equality and Inclusion works with the Executive Board, Stewards Council, and general membership to foster and ensure a community of respect and inclusion for all members of the GEU community and represent the concerns of underrepresented members. They also work closely with the grievance committee to represent equity in all steps of the grievance process. This position is ideal for individuals striving to ensure protections for underrepresented members at all levels of union activity.   This is a great position for someone new to GEU and/or with experience in social justice organizations.