About Us

Meet Your GEU Leadership

TED COOPER – President

Ted is a fifth-year Computer Science PhD student, working at the intersection of programming languages and concurrency. He has been involved in GEU since the beginning of 2016, and currently works on the Coordinating Committee and the Bargaining Team. He can be found walking with his cats through Sunnyside, picking rosemary, lemon mint, and russian sage.

JULIA DANCIS – Vice President for Organizing (Chief Steward)

Julia is a third year PhD graduate assistant in the applied developmental psychology department. Come find her if you want to discuss youth empowerment through critical pedagogy, the superiority of Philadelphia over New York, or the love of homophones.

EMILY LEICKLY – Grievance Officer

NEAL KUPERMAN – Vice President for Collective Bargaining

Neal is working on his PhD in Physics, with a focus on battery optimization (no, he cannot fix your iphone battery). He is a proud vegan, native Portlander, and mama’s boy. Ask him about his PDXpuppies instagram.

LAURA LYONS – Vice President for Communications

JABOA LAKE – Vice President for Equity and Inclusion

MICHAEL STEVENSON – Vice President for Social Engagement

WADE HILTS – Treasurer

JEREMIAH PESCHKA – Vice President of Operations

LUMAS HELAIRE – Vice President of Politics