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Meet Your GEU Leadership

TED COOPER – Bargaining Team, Coordinating Committee, Constitution and Bylaws

Ted is a fifth-year Computer Science PhD student, working at the intersection of programming languages and concurrency. He has been involved in GEU since the beginning of 2016, and currently works on the Coordinating Committee and the Bargaining Team. He can be found walking with his cats through Sunnyside, picking rosemary, lemon mint, and russian sage.

KIRSTEN ANDERSON – Communications Committee

Kirsten is in her third (and hopefully final) year of a dual Master’s program in public health and social work. She is interested in health equity, health promotion, and community health work with LGBTQ communities. Her current research is focused on HIV prevention. In between classes, internships, and work, she enjoys swimming, reading, and playing with her two pitbulls. 

LIZZY TREMAINE – Coordinating Committee, (Interim) Representation Coordinator

Lizzy is a fifth year PhD student in Applied Psychology who examines how different factors across multiple systems influence the way children (and their parents and teachers) navigate the transition into kindergarten. When she is not geeking out on creative analytic techniques, she may be seen teaching elementary school students history through musical theatre, walking her TV-worthy scruffy terrier mutt, or encouraging people to shake their booties in a Zumba class.

JULIA DANCIS – Bargaining Team

Julia is a third year PhD graduate assistant in the applied developmental psychology department. Come find her if you want to discuss youth empowerment through critical pedagogy, the superiority of Philadelphia over New York, or the love of homophones.

NEAL KUPERMAN – Bargaining Team

Neal is working on his PhD in Physics, with a focus on battery optimization (no, he cannot fix your iphone battery). He is a proud vegan, native Portlander, and mama’s boy. Ask him about his PDXpuppies instagram.

JAMES LOHMAN – Coordinating Committee

James Lohman, a Ph.D. student in the chemistry department, does research regarding Rhodamine derivative Tellurium dyes and their Photochemical/Electrochemical applications (clean, cheap energy, in short) for the McCormick lab here at PSU. He believes in the concept of activism and unity in representing the needs of graduate employees on all levels, and strives to always leave things in a better place than he found them. The GEU, and hold a position with the Coordinating Committee, gives the opportunity to play a part in improvement on a greater scale than he has in the past. James is a student, employee, father, and extremely amateur DIYer.

LAURA LYONS – Coordinating Committee, Constitutions & Bylaws, AAUP-Oregon Graduate Representative

LYNDSIE COMPTON – Bargaining Team

MICHAEL STEVENSON – Food & Hospitality

ANDREW UTZ – Contract Action Team

WADE HILTS – Coordinating Committee, Contract Action Team