Membership Bargaining Update: 9/27/2022

Bargaining Weekly on Mondays 11 am – 3 pm:

A Successful Rally – Many Thanks to Our Labor Allies!

Last Tuesday we rallied for healthcare. Two shifts of roughly fifteen GEU members and labor allies marched from the park blocks to the administration building on 4th, and made our voices heard.

It was a great showcase of community solidarity. We had support from:

Portland Jobs with Justice

Portland DSA

All three other PSU unions: PSUFA, SEIU, and AAUP

Our parent union, AFT Oregon, and our sibling at OSU, CGE

This support means so much for so many reasons, but one that stood out is: the reminder that what we are fighting for is normal. However hard the administration works to pretend that affordable healthcare is unreasonable, “inequitable,” impossible – it isn’t. To the world outside of their bubble, it is something that we deserve so obviously that its lack is an injustice, and further denial is cruelty. Remember that perspective as we continue bargaining. You deserve this.

Next Session

Show your support when we reconvene for bargaining Monday,

10/3 at 11 am – 3 pm:

New Term, New Members?

The start of the new term is a crucial time for GEU’s organizing. The influx of new GAs is an important opportunity to grow our strength – and the graduation of many members in the preceding spring will leave us shorthanded if we don’t make up for it! Keeping those numbers up is crucial for strength at the table. If you’d never joined before, now is the time – and check on your friends! We’re all in this together. The online membership form is here!