Membership Bargaining Update: 9/9/22

Bargaining Weekly on Mondays 11 am – 3 pm:

Appointment Rights Close to Agreement

Progress has been made on Article 17. We are working on rules to protect GAs from having to repay their full tuition in the unfortunate event that they have to withdraw from their appointments partway through the term. This is an important protection that could prevent a GA from losing both their appointmnet income and having to repay previously remitted tuition. PSU and GEU are finding common ground in this area, and we hope to have this article settled soon.

Which just leaves Healthcare

The topic of supported GA healthcare costs is our final focus. In the long term, both sides agree that a better plan is needed for GAs, however, what form that plan will take, when it will be implemented, and how much premium support will be provided are still very much up in the air. 

On the other hand, for immediate support to GA health insurance costs, PSU has moved away from the myriad of objections they previously had to reducing GA premium costs. Now, their resistance to supporting GA health insurance comes down to the bottom line of money. PSU claims there is simply no wiggle room left in the budget to support the rising premiums of the Student Health Plan. 

Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Budgeting is a complex process, many different factors have to be weighed, and there are few if any easy choices. That being said, budgets are also a choice between different values, and we think GA welfare needs to be a high priority in the budget! Raising in budgetary priority status will only happen by showing PSU that GAs must be a higher priority. This demonstration comes not only at the bargaining table, but through our direct action together!

Rally for Healthcare! 

To that end, we are hosting our Rally for Healthcare on September 20th! (meeting outside Smith Memorial Student Union at 2 and 3:30) Event Link: 

We’ve already seen a wonderful response to the event! The folks who have RSVP already are now officially the Cool Kids™. We also regret to say that everyone else is now obligated to do as the Cool Kids™ have and RSVP as well. We don’t make the rules. 

Leading up to the Rally, we are having a Sign Making Social Event next week, Wednesday the 14th from 10am – 2pm in the GEU office, B134. Come have a snack and make a fun sign. We sincerely hope our memes will be a source of inspiration and creativity to everyone!