Membership Bargaining Update: 8/8/22

Bargaining Weekly on Mondays 11 am – 3 pm:

This week

PSU presented their counters to Articles 17 (Appointments) and 21 (Health and Wellbeing). While there was some movement towards consensus, PSU Admin seems to hold a fundamental misunderstanding about the circumstances of many GAs. 

As GAs well know the combination of rising prices and rent, a limited FTE, no affordable childcare, and health insurance costs that take a significant proportion of wages, result in a chronic state of emergency.  

Therefore, while the Bargaining Team does think an Emergency Fund would be helpful for struggling GAs, it does not address the baseline needs that many GAs face, chief among them, unaffordable health care costs.   

Next week

In short, the GEU Bargaining Team will continue to push for appointment protections, health insurance support, and union information rights. Discussion at the table is moving towards the bottom line: money. Is PSU too poor to support GA health insurance costs, or is that a convenient excuse? That remains to be seen as the Bargaining Team presses PSU Admin for their reasons for not contributing to GAs health insurance premiums.   

What you can do

The Contract Action Team is going to be reaching out to our bargaining unit to gauge interest in different types of actions starting next week. So, be on the lookout for us to give you a ring! 

Next, be sure to come to next Monday’s bargaining session from 11am-3pm, as we are making the case that GAs need immediate support, and waiting to hear PSU’s reasons for why it can’t be done.


An interesting aside, our memes seemed to have ruffled some feathers. The Bargaining Team wants to be clear that no personal offense was meant to any PSU administrator; however, when a joke strikes a nerve perhaps it’s time to reflect on why.

Truth Hurts