Bargaining Update 05/09/2022

Today in bargaining we made our case about healthcare. The verdict: PSU’s student health plan is bad! We compared it to its equivalent at University of Oregon and OSU, and it is significantly worse in every dimension. Our premiums are up to 11 times higher than the competition, and our out-of-pocket maximum up to 7 times higher. We don’t get dental or eyecare, or options to buy insurance for our dependents.

TL;DR – we pay much more, for much less health coverage. For details, take a look at our slides HERE

We have proposed that PSU fully subsidize our plan, and collaborate with GEU to select better plan options for future years, with more and better coverage. Now we wait for a response! Keep coming to observe our sessions every Monday from 12-3pm and stay up to date! Check your email for the link!

Other topics

We also heard from Becca Lawrence, incoming Assistant VP for Equity and Compliance, about some of the challenges of dealing with equity complaints and investigations. Welcome to PSU, Becca! We appreciated hearing from you. Also, special thank you to our speaker on Healthcare, Glenn! We appreciate you so much!

Next week we will present our arguments about childcare! Join us!