Bargaining update: May 26, 2021

Quick bargaining update!

We just concluded our first bargaining session with PSU over our contract extension and limited economic reopener on three topics: fee remission, minimum hourly rate, and cost of living adjustment.  

GEU opened the day with the following proposal:

  1. 100% student fee remission, including the $350 one-time matriculation fee (previous contract: 80% remission for AY2020-21, excluding matriculation fee)
  2. $18.86 minimum hourly rate (based on the MIT’s Multnomah county living wage calculator; previous contract AY2020-21 had a $15.87 minimum)
  3. Cost of Living adjustment of 3.9% based on Western CPI (the metric we use in our previous contract to determine COLA; our last COLA raise AY2020-21 was 1.4%)

PSU administration countered with the following proposal:

  1. 100% student fee remission, except the $350 one-time matriculation fee 
  2. $16.25 minimum hourly rate citing budgetary restrictions.
  3. Cost of living adjustment of 0.75% citing budgetary restrictions.

There’s clearly a big gap between these two proposals.  After a year of hardship and remote work, it’s more important than ever to bring up the minimum wage for our lowest-paid GAs, and make sure we get a cost of living increase so we don’t in effect take a pay cut every year.  

How can we get a fair contract? We need our members to show up to support us at bargaining as observers, and check your emails or reach out to and to get involved in our union.

Our next bargaining session tomorrow May 27 at 10am.  

To join the bargaining session as an observer, look for a Zoom link and password in your email before 10am tomorrow! 
If we aren’t in the bargaining Zoom, we are our caucus room.  This is a private room for the GEU team to talk amongst ourselves and our members.  Contact for details how to join the bargaining session as an observer.