2018 Election Endorsements

AFT-Oregon and AAUP Oregon 2018 Endorsements

Statewide Candidates:
Governor: Kate Brown – AFT, AAUP
1st Congressional District: Suzanne Bonamici – AFT
2nd Congressional District: Earl Blumenauer – AFT
4th Congressional District: Peter DeFazio – AFT

Ballot Measures:
Measure 102 (Allow local governments to partner with non-profit and private housing providers): Yes – AFT, AAUP
Measure 103 (Prohibit taxes/fees on “groceries”): No – AFT, AAUP
Measure 104 (Expand application of requirement that three-fifths legislative majority approve bills raising revenue): No – AFT, AAUP
Measure 105 (Repeal “Sanctuary State” Law in Oregon): No – AFT, AAUP
Measure 106 (Prohibit state funds to abortion services): No – AFT, AAUP
Metro Measure 26-199 (Affordable Housing Bonds): Yes – AFT

Portland-Area State Senate Candidates:
Sarah Grider (SD 13, Clackamas, Washington and Yamhill County) – AFT
Chuck Riley (SD 15, Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove) – AFT, AAUP
Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (SD 17, NW Portland, Beaverton) – AFT
Rob Wagner (SD 19, Lake Oswego, Tualatin, SW Portland) – AFT, AAUP
Charles Gallia (SD 20, Clackamas County) – AFT
Shemia Fagan (SD 24, E Portland, N Clackamas County) – AFT

Portland-Area State Representative Candidates:
Sheri Malsstrom (HD 27, Beaverton) – AFT
Jeff Barker (HD 28, Aloha) – AFT
Susan McLain (HD 29, W Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove) – AFT, AAUP
Janeen Sollman (HD 30, Hillsboro) – AFT, AAUP
Mitch Greenlick (HD 33, NW Portland) – AFT
Ken Helm (HD 34, Beaverton) – AFT
Margaret Doherty (HD 35, Tigard) – AFT
Jennifer Williamson (HD 36, NW/SW Portland) – AFT
Rachel Prusak (HD 37, West Linn) – AFT
Andrea Salinas (HD 39, Lake Oswego) – AFT
Mark Meek (HD 40, Clackamas County) – AFT, AAUP
Karin Power (HD 41, Milwaukie, SE Portland) – AFT, AAUP
Rob Nosse (HD 42, SE Portland) – AFT
Tawna Sanchez (HD 43, N/NE Portland) – AFT
Tina Kotek (HD 44, N/NE Portland) – AFT
Barbara Smith Warner (HD 45, NE Portland) – AFT
Alissa Keny-Guyer (HD 46, SE Portland) – AFT
Diego Hernandez (HD 47, NE Portland/Parkrose) – AFT, AAUP
Jeff Reardon (HD 48, Happy Valley) – AFT
Chris Gorsek (HD 49, Troutdale) – AFT, AAUP
Carla Piluso (HD 50, Gresham) – AFT
Janelle Bynum (HD 51, Clackamas County) – AFT, AAUP

Full endorsement lists and more details:

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