Urgent: Stand up to keep negotiations moving!

Graduate Employees!
After agreeing to respond to our proposals on Health Insurance, Fees, and Term of Agreement at tomorrow’s bargaining session, admin has unilaterally gone back on this agreement, refusing to provide any language, even without numbers.  There are only two more bargaining sessions scheduled for this term (12/1 and 12/8), so we need to cooperate and work efficiently.  We proposed language for all of these articles last session, and two changes that may have prompted this reversal are 1) our decision to publicly share all of GEU’s proposals from the last session going forward, and 2) the legal research and language we presented supporting our position that it is both allowed under the regulatory regime surrounding the ACA and logistically feasible for PSU to subsidize our PSU health insurance premiums.  When members responded to admin’s last proposal, which only put $15.33/month more in most GAs’ pockets, we showed them that they need to come forward with serious proposals.  Evidently, they would rather propose nothing than do so. 
We need to hold them accountable for going back our agreement to exchange language tomorrow, and show PSU that doing nothing is no more acceptable to GAs than not doing enough at bargaining tomorrow, MCB 651 from 9am12:30pm.