We are the Graduate Employees Union of Portland State University

We did it! On May 31, after an overwhelming majority of us signed GEU authorization cards, we were certified by the Oregon Employment Relations Board as the representative of PSU graduate assistants, including all graduate teaching, research, and administrative assistants.

What happens next? Over the summer, we’ll begin working on our internal structure and agreeing on priorities for improvements in our first contract with PSU. Then, we’ll launch our campaign for a good first contract, and begin negotiations with PSU administration.

We’re incredibly excited that we’ve made it this far, and we can’t wait to get to work on making PSU the university that we all deserve.

We Are GEU

Our Mission Statement

We’re working together to build a strong union of graduate employees at Portland State University. Read our mission statement, and if you agree, join us in making PSU a stronger, fairer institution for all students and the people of Oregon:

We, the graduate workers of Portland State University, are organizing a union to harness the power of collective action and bargaining to improve our working conditions, our educations, and our lives. Through our Graduate Employees Union (GEU), in affiliation with the AAUP and AFT, we work to address longstanding problems that negatively affect the workers and students at our university, including perpetual job insecurity, inadequate compensation, and rising health care and education costs. Through member-driven collective action, in solidarity with other workers and students, we demand our work be valued and respected as an integral part of the university. Together, we fight for a just, equitable, and accessible academic community for current and future generations.

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